n the main, couples are usually referred to a Mediation Service by their Solicitor although couples will contact Mediation Services direct often as a result of recommendations. An initial Assessment Meeting usually takes place to enable the Mediator to ascertain whether in fact the couple concerned and the issues which they have are appropriate for Mediation and if this proves to be the case, then an appointment is made for the first Session.

During Mediation Sessions, both parties are encouraged to openly discuss the issues which they wish to have resolved which can include care and contact arrangements regarding the children and also financial matters resulting from the separation/divorce. If the Mediation Sessions are to refer to the resolution of financial matters, then each party will be asked to produce documentation with regard to their own financial positions and also verifying the position regarding any assets.

The length of the Mediation Process depends on the couple themselves and also the issues which they have. If Mediation is used to resolve issues regarding children then normally, between 2 and 3 Sessions of Mediation are needed. However, if Mediation is to incorporate financial matters then it is possible that 4/6 Sessions of Mediation are required.

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