How do I contact a Mediator if I do not have a Solicitor?

A. Telephone the number below and ask to speak to Gale Allen who, after obtaining details, will arrange an appointment for yourself and your partner.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. Payment is charged on a session basis and the cost of each Session should ideally be borne equally by the couple although this can be the subject of agreement. However, it may well be that either or both parties would qualify for Publicly Funded Mediation and this can be ascertained by the Mediator and confirmed at the first Meeting.

Q. Who will be present at the Session?

A. The only people who will be present at any Mediation Session are the couple themselves and a fully trained and experienced Mediator who has 20 years experience in Family Law and has undergone extensive Mediation Training and is recognised by the UK College of Family Mediators and also fully accredited by the Legal Services Commission.

Q. Is any Agreement reached legally binding? 

A. Agreements reached during Mediation are not legally binding. However, once an Agreement has been reached, the points of agreement will be recorded in a document prepared by the Mediator and the parties are then advised to consult their own Solicitor with a view to instructing them to convert the Agreement into a legally binding document. 

Q. Can appointments take place outside office hours?

A. Yes by prior arrangement.

Q. Is the Mediation Process confidential? 

A. Yes.

Q. Can I consult my Solicitor at any stage during the Mediation Process? 

A. Yes

Q. What are the benefits of Mediation? 

A. Mediation can be considerably less expensive then Court Proceedings. In addition, it is quite often a much quicker process and therefore less stressful for both parties and most importantly it enables and encourages couples to reach an agreement that they will both be happy with.

Q. Can the Mediation Process be stopped at any time? 

A. Yes. If both or either party wish to end the Mediation or alternatively if the Mediation is concerned that there is no prospect of achieving a successful outcome.

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