ob & Susan had been married for 12 years when out of the blue, Bob announced to Sue that for the last 6 months, he had been involved in another relationship and he had now made the decision to leave the matrimonial home in order to live with another woman.  She was devastated, confused and frightened, particularly when she tried to give some thought as to how financial matters between them would be resolved and also the situation in relation to their 2 children who were aged 6 and 8.

Sue and Bob had been living separately for approximately 2 months.  Bob was becoming very concerned that his contact with the children was very limited mainly as a result of the reluctance on Sue's part to speak and discuss matters with him.  Bob at that time was considering consulting a Solicitor to enable him to have his own legal rights explained to him but at the same time, was very concerned as to how much this would inevitably cost him.

A few days later, Bob received a letter from Solicitors consulted by Sue informing him that they had been given instructions by Sue to commence Divorce Proceedings.

Sue had made a general visit to see her GP and whilst in the waiting room, noticed a leaflet giving details in relation to a local Mediation Practice.  The leaflet explained that Mediation was for divorcing and separating couples and the aim was to attempt to resolve issues both in relation to child matters and also financial matters without the need for Court Proceedings.  On her return home, Sue telephoned the Mediation Practice, asked for more details and then via her Solicitor, asked if Bob would be prepared to attempt Mediation.

Bob agreed and on their first visit, the Mediator explained to them that each Mediation Appointment would last between an hour and a half and 2 hours and if there were problems in relation to the children and financial matters to be resolved then they may required between 4 and 6 Session of Mediation.  The process began and indeed, after 3 Sessions of Mediation, Bob and Sue had reached an agreement as to the level of contact which Bob would have with the children and also reached agreement as to the holiday contact which Bob would have with them and they had also successfully managed to reach an agreement in relation to financial matters.

Whilst it was difficult for both Bob and Sue in the early stages of Mediation, both felt that the whole process had been less painful than if the matter had been conducted over a period of time by Solicitors and also had the matter proceeded through the Court process.  Both were more than delighted with the fact that although they had paid privately for the Mediation Service, by comparison with the level of legal fees which they had both been quoted, a huge saving had been made by both which inevitably meant that the matrimonial pot had remained much larger.

Bob and Sue would definitely say that there were benefits all round with regard to Mediation, particularly for the children.
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